Sunday, May 17, 2009

Follow me on my way

Lot's has been going on. Many travels and adventures. Have been back to Georgia and sit here in Krystal's as I speak. I went to Skydive The Farm and saw several actual skydives at the Farm. We went hiking in the Piney River Creek with boots that got soaked…and have been moving a lot of Kerry’s stuff into the house, and packing some of it for a yard sale.

But most of all on May 15th, 2009 I had a Niece and Nephew graduate High School with top honors. My Niece has a scholarship to a top Christian college, and my Nephew graduated 16th out of 320 students. He is going into the Army for Military Intelligence. My best friend's daughter also graduated with Honors. She grew up with Jeremy and Anna. All in all, Graduation night was very emotional. Seen alot of people had not seen in years. MEMORIES!!!

On a bad note, I was informed on the Friday I was to start school that the state had withdrew funding for the program I was to go into. Now, at an impasse. Sometimes I have to think though it is all for a reason. Me not getting a job, and the school thing. Maybe it is so I can help Kerry more.

Keep you posted, pics to come.

Ce La Vie

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kerry just before demonstration jump

This pic is just before a demonstration jump that Kerry did
for the VFW.

Daisies Forever

Orange daisies..what could be more beautiful!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

me standing on a tree near Kerry's cabin

Me, Mojo, and sidekicks!

Mia at the log cabin on the mountain

On top of the mountain with the doggies

There is a good story about this pic..
The dog that is laying her head in my
lap is named Sophie. She was a stray that
Kerry's brother took in. She evidently had been abused
by women or children because she would not let them
pet her. However, I kept trying and as you can see had
success. She is looking at me with total love and trust and
this made my day.
Oh yeah, the other dog is Dakota. He is a big, lovable