Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mrs. Walker

Well, yes I did get married to the Love of my Life. No planning or anything. Although we had talked about marriage for awhile, we just got up Monday morning and said "Let's get married." And so we did and are very happy. Surprised just about everyone but that's O.K. Wyn, Kerry's brother went along for the ride, and I was very happy to have him along. Kerry and I still reside in Evensville with our "children" MoJo, Mia and Laurel Snow ( aka Kitty Lou) . Kerry works at Advance Auto Parts in Dayton, and I work for two Home Health companies as a Nursing Assistant/Direct Support Staff. Needless to say our lives are very hectic (but happy). Hiking and all that stuff seems to be sort of a thing of the past right now, but come Spring we'll be back in action (hopefully!) We are also planning a Native American spiritual ceremony sometime in the future.

Kimberly Walker

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catching Up

Well, lot's been happening. I did pass my State exam with flying colors.
I made an 88% on written exam, and (this is unbelievable to me!)
only missed one on my Skills Test (I didn't transport dirty linen correctly)
I was so afraid I had failed that I would not go online to check my scores.
Kerry had to do it for me!
I now have a job working at a Skills & Rehab Training Facility working with developmentally handicapped individuals. There is a lot of training with this job (almost like I'm back in school).
As I speak the weather is great, but it has been sooo rainey for the last couple of weeks. I about went stir crazy.
Kerry has been working a lot doing some specialty carpentry work; building a deck for his brother and working on some things for a friend of his who has just opened a Bar and Grill. It's funny, I have been helping him load lumber, shoot the nail gun, level things off etc...and have had a ball. I have learned a lot.
Oh yeah, Kerry and I were involved in a wreck Oct 4th when this young girl hit us broadside on the passenger side of the truck. Luckily, we weren't seriously injured.
She was driving on a revoked license and had no insurance. Only 17 years old too.
Well, will keep you posted.
Until next time!

Friday, August 14, 2009

At Last

Well, I graduated school on Friday, August 7th as a Certified Nursing Assistant/Professional Responder. It wasnt easy. It was an intense 4 week course. I took more than 30 test, and had to learn 27 life skills. I now have the State Exam to pass on August 22nd. I have some employment options going on...
Anyway, the heat of summer is here and Kerry and I have slacked off on the hiking. Too Hot.
Also, my poor Kerry gets so many chigger/mosquito bites its pitiful.
Not much else going on. Just concentrating on getting a job and getting back in the swing of things.

Keep u posted.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Catching up

First the good news. I learned yesterday that I had been
accepted in the Certified Nursing Program thru the American Red
Cross. Whats really cool is that everything is paid for by a Military
Grant I recieved through my dad.
God is definitely good.
Lots other been going on. On a sad note Kerry's cabin
in Canton, Ga was illegally trashed out.
He was devastated and so was I. But no matter what
we have each other and we'll get through it. Also have another
addition to the family. We picked up a tiny abandoned kitten on
a trail we usually hike. Hesitated to bring it home because of the
dogs.The kitten's name is Laurel; Kerry named him for the trail
we found him on. Another TRAGIC (for me) note, I've hurt my ankle
I either hurt it when Kerry and I went to the B52 concert and danced
our heads off, or when we hiked ten miles down Evensville Mtn.
Either way it was worth it....I had a blast at the concert and the hike
was awesome!

Me shooting my bow

The bow I am using belonged to Kerry's mom.
(Kerry gave it to me!)
She was a Georgia State Archery
Champion; I feel very honored to be using it.
When Kerry introduced me to this sport I
fell in love with it. I try to practice with it every
day I can. So far Kerry tells me I am doing great
I have only been shooting for like 4 days but already
have gotten several bulls eyes.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Follow me on my way

Lot's has been going on. Many travels and adventures. Have been back to Georgia and sit here in Krystal's as I speak. I went to Skydive The Farm and saw several actual skydives at the Farm. We went hiking in the Piney River Creek with boots that got soaked…and have been moving a lot of Kerry’s stuff into the house, and packing some of it for a yard sale.

But most of all on May 15th, 2009 I had a Niece and Nephew graduate High School with top honors. My Niece has a scholarship to a top Christian college, and my Nephew graduated 16th out of 320 students. He is going into the Army for Military Intelligence. My best friend's daughter also graduated with Honors. She grew up with Jeremy and Anna. All in all, Graduation night was very emotional. Seen alot of people had not seen in years. MEMORIES!!!

On a bad note, I was informed on the Friday I was to start school that the state had withdrew funding for the program I was to go into. Now, at an impasse. Sometimes I have to think though it is all for a reason. Me not getting a job, and the school thing. Maybe it is so I can help Kerry more.

Keep you posted, pics to come.

Ce La Vie

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kerry just before demonstration jump

This pic is just before a demonstration jump that Kerry did
for the VFW.

Daisies Forever

Orange daisies..what could be more beautiful!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

me standing on a tree near Kerry's cabin

Me, Mojo, and sidekicks!

Mia at the log cabin on the mountain

On top of the mountain with the doggies

There is a good story about this pic..
The dog that is laying her head in my
lap is named Sophie. She was a stray that
Kerry's brother took in. She evidently had been abused
by women or children because she would not let them
pet her. However, I kept trying and as you can see had
success. She is looking at me with total love and trust and
this made my day.
Oh yeah, the other dog is Dakota. He is a big, lovable

Friday, April 24, 2009

My Poem to Kerry

Kerry, My Spirit

On January 3rd, 2009 I met someone who I knew would
change my life forever.
I didn't know how, when or why. I just knew.

That person was you.

Since then, our lives have been filled with laughter, love and adventure.
We have our moments, but they always seem to pass.

Sometimes I feel the need to be alone, to be free..but there is always the
pull of bringing you back to me.

I hope we always walk the same path hand in hand.
And as much as I love sunsets I hope the sun never sets on our love.

Semper Fi

Written March 20th, 2009, at Kerry's cabin in Canton, Georgia.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Six card stud?!

My boyfriend and I were playing “five card stud” and he lays down this hand.!!! He yells out, “I have three pairs!” He was not joking and apparently brain farted and really believed this was a hand!!! Once we both realized what had happened (which was pretty much instantaneously) we both started laughing our heads off…this turned into a long and painful laugh attack!!!

Walking the trails back home

This picture was taken at the foot of Sale Creek Mtn where I grew up. Lots of memories here! The paved trail used to be an old logging road that led to a neat swimming hole. My boyfriend and I have not made it to the swimming hole yet, but we soon will.

Boyfriend and bow

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Highest form of ignorance...

There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance -- that principle is contempt prior to investigation.
--Herbert Spencer

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Giving in

Well, I finally gave in and started using crutches
for my does help!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Time to get moving again

Well, my ankle has almost healed. The weather has been rainy for the last week. Great weatherBold to heal in! Now, time to get in some more hiking with spring coming on.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Face Book Fun

Well, I have spent the last hour working on my extended family (3 nieces) all added me at the same time sooo....I have so many new pics to share....(and hope to have many more!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This Girl Kim - a poem

This is a poem that my boyfriend Kerry wrote for me...
it's cute and kinda funny!
The picture is at Snooper's Rock
on Walden's Ridge in Tennessee.

This Girl Kim
By Kerry Craig Walker

I went to eat breakfast at the Red Barn in Spring City
And I met this blond that seemed a bit witty.

We talked about politics and religion and she gave a hoot
And as we talked I noticed she was cute.

I got her number and thought about how I liked her ways
So I thought I would call her in a few days.

She was not shy and I notice how she was bubbling with energy
Got a call from my brother, she was trying to find me!

I thought it was nice that she would have the guts to find him,
‘Cause there just aren’t many like this girl Kim.

I gave her a call as soon as I could and with no reason to balk,
Because I’d thought about her and wanted to talk.

We talked and talked for some time and got along well,
But how things would go only time would tell.

She was in school and math was one thing she was not above,
So I tutored her and then we made love.

There is someone else in her life and his name is MoJo.
And this little doggie is always on the go.

It turns out that she liked the outdoors and nature too,
And when we were together we never felt blue.

She liked going hiking and walking the trails in the wilderness,
One thing for sure she was not like the rest.

I’d been thinking for sometime how much I liked her goods,
And this girl would even pee in the woods.

She can climb way high up the cliffs ‘cause Kim is a Tom Boy,
And being with her brings me nothing but joy.

Her unconditional love and acceptance will put away most strife,
I want to be with this girl for the rest of my life.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Snooper's Rock on Suck Creek Mtn

This is a different view of me standing on top of Snooper's Rock on Suck Creek Mtn in the Walden's Ridge Wildlife Refuge.

Mushroom Rock near North Suck Creek

This is a rock that Kerry and I hiked to. It is a beautiful 5 mile hike that is well worth the trip.

Me and Kerry

This is me and Kerry at Bimbo's Restaurant in Dayton, Tn.