Friday, June 26, 2009

Catching up

First the good news. I learned yesterday that I had been
accepted in the Certified Nursing Program thru the American Red
Cross. Whats really cool is that everything is paid for by a Military
Grant I recieved through my dad.
God is definitely good.
Lots other been going on. On a sad note Kerry's cabin
in Canton, Ga was illegally trashed out.
He was devastated and so was I. But no matter what
we have each other and we'll get through it. Also have another
addition to the family. We picked up a tiny abandoned kitten on
a trail we usually hike. Hesitated to bring it home because of the
dogs.The kitten's name is Laurel; Kerry named him for the trail
we found him on. Another TRAGIC (for me) note, I've hurt my ankle
I either hurt it when Kerry and I went to the B52 concert and danced
our heads off, or when we hiked ten miles down Evensville Mtn.
Either way it was worth it....I had a blast at the concert and the hike
was awesome!

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