Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mrs. Walker

Well, yes I did get married to the Love of my Life. No planning or anything. Although we had talked about marriage for awhile, we just got up Monday morning and said "Let's get married." And so we did and are very happy. Surprised just about everyone but that's O.K. Wyn, Kerry's brother went along for the ride, and I was very happy to have him along. Kerry and I still reside in Evensville with our "children" MoJo, Mia and Laurel Snow ( aka Kitty Lou) . Kerry works at Advance Auto Parts in Dayton, and I work for two Home Health companies as a Nursing Assistant/Direct Support Staff. Needless to say our lives are very hectic (but happy). Hiking and all that stuff seems to be sort of a thing of the past right now, but come Spring we'll be back in action (hopefully!) We are also planning a Native American spiritual ceremony sometime in the future.

Kimberly Walker

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