Friday, October 1, 2010

Living a Dream

Well, here we are in this small country town of Jasper, Tn.And what a journey it has been.But we're here and by the grace of God we'll be here for awhile. First of all I must say I am living this dream I have had for over 20 years .I was told by many people close to me that it would never happen..that's all it was.. a dream. But I never gave up and with many prayers, and the support of my family and coworkers who gave me outstanding references, it has come true. I always kept the faith..believing if God wants me here then it was to be. I'm employed by a large Home Healthcare Agency working with disabled individuals..and the things I have seen and learned! My clients are all struggling with some sort of disability, but never giving up..and I feel honored to be part of the support that helps them achieve these goals they set for themselves. As I said before in a previous Blog; this is not a job but a calling. Now I must take time to speak of my husband Kerry, who supported me and loved me unconditionally during this whole journey. He followed my dream; all the while fighting his own case (where he was falsely arrested for crimes he did not commit but were in fact committed against him; search kerry walker story) My husband recently had a big victory in court where he was granted the expungement of his criminal record stemming from his false arrest. I only hope and pray that I can return the love that Kerry and God have given giving back to them (and my clients) all that I can give. ..and continue to live my Dream.

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