Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I wrote this one afternoon as I was sitting on the porch
at peace, and contemplating life and how
we tend to view this thing called love...

So you tell me I live in a world of Illusions.
That I truly do not see the real thing.Sadly,
I must agree with you.
But time has taught me a few things,
things that I am powerless over,
and things I can control.

Such as my love for you. As great as it is,
I know that I cannot project certain images upon it.
Like thinking we will be together forever. Since I don't believe in
forever ( I once thought I did) I just take one day
at a time with you.
I've learned that no love stays the same.
It changes with the times.
The good times and the bad.

Then there is mine and your happiness.
I have learned I can control my happiness,
and that I should not expect you to be responsible for it.
I cannot hold you prisoner to that thought.
Likewise, your happiness is your responsibility.
I'm not saying I do not want to make you happy. Not that at all.
I just don't want to be a prisoner of that thought either.

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